Sandy Geroux, M.S. shares a few success stories!

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"I went to Sandy Geroux’s conference presentation on Creating and Using a Skills Portfolio in New Orleans. I got exactly what I needed to understand how to make the most impact in helping people with their employment searches. The information Sandy shared will be pivotal to my success. I will definitely return for future training opportunities with Sandy. Sandy is an excellent presenter with a facility for translating information into engaging content. She used her over-the-top presentation skills and knowledge of professional communication and engagement to develop an inspiring presentation. She has her finger on the pulse of trends and provides content that’s both useful and captivating."

Debbie Hill, Assistant to the Dean / Vanderbilt School of Nursing


If you've ever tried for a new job, promotion, raise or even had to go through an important performance evaluation and not achieved your goal, you are not alone.

Employers and associates alike are too often left wondering how to gauge the true skills and abilities of a candidate during one of these meetings.

  • Prospective employers wonder whether their new job candidates are actually able to perform the tasks they claim on their resumes and cover letters.
  • Employees assume their supervisors know what they've done all year, while supervisors and managers assume the employee will be able to articulate their full value at annual performance evaluations.
  • And promotions, raises, transfers and other career opportunities seem to go by the wayside as employees wonder how to get noticed and be given a chance to go further.

The problem in most cases is that none of us naturally excel at realizing, demonstrating and articulating our full value in these situations.

But take heart because a Skills Portfolio helps you provide "proof of performance," third-party validation and a way to organize, remember, articulate and present your skills in such a way as to make you stand out from the crowd and get noticed... which helps you get hired, get a raise or promotion, or simply get clarity on the desired direction and progress of your career.

Sandy Geroux

Hi, I’m Sandy Geroux and I'm thrilled to be your guide on this journey to creating and using a Skills Portfolio,.

In my 40+ years in the corporate, small business and training worlds, I have discovered what employers are looking for in the people they want to hire, develop and promote.

In this course, I put my experience to use to help you determine the best ways to help you create one of the most valuable tools available to advance your career and demonstrate your value!

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